Amazon Stand Alone Consulting Services

If you’re an owner of a Retail or Ecommerce Business looking to expand your product lines to Amazon or simply an individual looking to start up an Amazon Ecommerce business with a product in mind, Monument Consulting Services can help you every step of the way.

We specialize in the services mentioned below and have customized pricing that is tailored to exactly what you need done.

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Stand Alone Consulting Options

Create a new Listing – Do you already have an Amazon seller account and want to add a new product that is fully optimized? We have all the skills needed in order perfect and complete this task for you.

Listing Title Optimization – On Amazon, the most important aspect of your listing is its Title. If you have a great title, your listing will appear in many more search results. The title of any Amazon listing is the single most important area for listing ranking, your listing rank will directly impact how well your product sells. We can optimize your listing titles to maximize conversions.

Product Description Optimization – Is your Amazon Product Description lacking in detail and creativity? If so we can help you spice it up while adding in keywords which will help improve your product rank and ultimately your conversions.

Keyword Optimization – Generating sales in a highly competitive market such as Amazon requires the use of well researched keywords that will direct your potential customers to your product and ultimately to purchasing it. We can perform extensive keyword research for your listings to help your product perform better. Not only will it perform better but you will have a higher conversion ratio, meaning more specific keywords which match directly what your target audience is searching for.

Image Optimization – Do you have good images but they are not formatted correctly for Amazon? If so we can help you get them formatted right and looking great for your listing, which will ultimately lead to more conversion. Great images are one of the top requirements for turning a viewing customer into a buying customer.

Amazon Storefront Creation (Trademarked Brand Required) - Amazon has released a new feature called “Storefront” Amazon storefront allows you to create a customized page on Amazon that represents your company and your company’s products. Many Amazon Sellers have access to the Storefront feature, however they are not sure how to use it. We can create a custom Storefront for you which is catered to your liking and only uploaded to Amazon after it receives your approval.

Enhanced Branding Content (Trademarked Brand required) – Enhanced Branding Content is a feature that Amazon provides to companies that have a trademarked brand. This feature enables you to create custom visuals and text for showing your products features. It changes the product description to a detailed showcasing of the product which can increase conversion up to 10% We can create Enhanced branding content for you. 

Amazon PPC Setup – Utilizing our extensive Amazon experience we will optimize your PPC advertising campaigns with exclusive keywords to ensure they are performing at their best.

Amazon PPC Headline Campaign Setup (Trademarked Brand Required) – Amazon has released a featured called “Headline Campaigns”. These are sponsored ad campaigns that can showcase 3 of your products at once. This feature is new and only available to brands with a registered Trademark. If your brand is trademarked, we can get this feature implemented for you. Based on our experience, headline campaigns lead to more sells then traditional campaigns do. Many Amazon Sellers are not aware of this feature.

FBA Fulfillment Consulting – Getting products to Amazon safe and sound for Amazon FBA fulfillment (Prime Badge) can be a complicated process; with our consulting services we will handle the heavy lifting for you and provide you the labels to ship your products directly to Amazon. Your only responsibility will be to place the labels on the packages and drop them off at your nearest UPS or FedEx Store.

Boost Amazon Reviews – Many resellers on Amazon have products listed and are making sells, however they are obtaining a small amount of reviews from buyers. There are multiple programs which we can implement which will allow you to automate emails to customers to thank them for their purchase, ask for seller feedback, or ask for a review. These programs overall boost reviews substantially. We can integrate them into your Amazon account for you as well as setup the email campaigns.

Product Promotions – Want to provide a discount on your product to attract more customers to buy it, but you’re not sure how? Don’t worry, we can help setup any promotion you would like.

Amazon Coupons – Amazon released a new Amazon Coupon feature. There is a coupon page on Amazon where you can go and view the latest deals. By showcasing your products on Amazon coupons, you can provide minimal discounts while helping to drive traffic to your listings. This is a great way to increase conversions. We can set this up for you.

Business Pricing Discounts – Want to offer special pricing to Businesses that shop on Amazon and buy in bulk? We can set up your storefront to provide special pricing to business customers only, pricing can be set based on a quantity order requirement as well.

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